Home Alarms and Automation


Home Alarms

We currently use the state of the art alarm systems from Elk Security and automation systems, we can supply other systems if requested.

We can design WITH you just what you need to make your home secure and safe for your family. Your needs are our priority from simple to complex we can do it all. 

Enjoy the benifits of Fast Alarm Response from our 24/7 monitoring service, Homeowner insurance discount, and Low Monthly fees

If you would like we can also intergrate your home automation through your alarm as well.


Home and Business Automation

Smart Homes used to be only for the rich, today things have changed! The increasing fuel cost have made many people reconsider their lifestyle. In
today's changing world it only makes sense to GO GREEN.

Looking to cut cost? You have searched for new fuel efficient cars, lowered your heat, used fans instead
of air conditioning, let us help you cut these everyday costs.

Did you know today's televisions use more power when turned off then when turned on?

Did you know that with some simple planning you could save 10%-40% on your electric bills?

The experts at NJS Electric, LLC can help you, our expert staff will come to your home or buisness and and show you how. GO GREEN will not only save you money, but help you save the world for your children. The steps we take today ensure that our children will have a GREEN planet tomorrow. The cost of smart homes are easily offset by today's ever rising utility bills. Make a difference and save money not only now but the future as well.

With our Elk Automation Systems we can have your house or business react to your actions. Make it smart for you, where you can lock the doors and have your non
essential power shut off, thermostats turn down or up, lights turn on at a touch of your keyfob. The limitations are your imagination. Let us help you make them
a reality. Imagine going to walk your dog and not have to fumble for a light switch, as you walk out the door the light turns on. Who is at the door,
well look at your inwall touchscreen to see before you open it.

Your peace of mind and security are just a phone call or email away, contact us now and let us help you SAVE money and PROTECT your family.